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Doc Searls mentioned in passing that he uses a new speed test website. I checked it out, and it was very cool… is an all-HTML5 website that seems to make accurate measurements of the up and download speeds of your internet connection. It’s also very attractive, and the real-time plots of the speed show

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New CeroWrt Router scripts

I posted a set of scripts that people can use to test, configure and debug their CeroWrt router installations. CeroWrt router firmware is a test bed for learning about and eliminating bufferbloat. The scripts are available on Github at They include: – a script that emulates the famous (but limited) This script

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Heartbleed and InterMapper

I created an InterMapper probe that detects whether a web server is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. You can read about it on my Blueberry Hill Software blog at:

RRUL Tests – CeroWrt 3.10.28-16

I took the time to incorporate the feedback from my previous post to load the newest CeroWrt firmware and re-run the tests. This image gallery shows the results of the RRUL performance tests. There’s a lot of analysis in the note on the CeroWrt-devel mailing list at:

RRUL Tests – CeroWrt 3.10.28-14

RRUL charts [Note: This is an earlier result. Check out the subsequent posting for CeroWrt 3.10.28-16 (above)] The postings below are a series of charts that were created by the netperf-wrapper program. Note: I don’t know why the upload charts show such fragmentary data. All charts made with default Queue Discipline: fq_codel, simple.qos script, ingress

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